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Methyl Bromide Recovery

Welcome to Genera

Providing Global BioSecurity Solutions

Who Are We?

Genera are a New Zealand based international provider of biosecurity treatments, treatment of stored grains and produce, phytosanitary compliance, and pest management.

Genera was established in 1975 by Mark Greenwood who was awarded an Order of Merit in 2016 for services to biosecurity. Genera Limited remains 100% New Zealand family owned and is New Zealand’s largest biosecurity treatment provider, delivering fumigation services throughout Australasia.

Genera is Ministry of Primary Industries Accredited, a member of the Pest Management Association of NZ (PMANZ), New Zealand’s sole member of the International Maritime Log Fumigation Organisation (IMFO) and accredited for ISPM15. We are also a founder member of the Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR) group.

Genera believe in innovation and continue to introduce to the market alternative treatment solutions to meet the ever changing demands of clients, legislators and environmental bodies.

What We Do

We specialise in providing biosecurity solutions for customers whose needs have daunted the capabilities of other providers.

We are the pioneering experts in In-Transit bulk phosphine fumigation of grain and logs.

We have developed  a world  leading gas-liquid methyl  bromide recapture system that is suitable for scrubbing fumigant gases from bulk fumigations.

We provide quarantine treatment of imported cars, trucks, machinery, shipping containers using our chemical free BioVaporTM Heat Treatment  System.

We offer industry leading pest management solutions through our specialist pest management division Genus.

We have a team of dedicated research  scientists who are working on fumigant recapture and alternative treatment technology.

Genera’s Core Values

Honesty and effort.

Innovation through technology.

Being undaunted by what is perceived as impossible.

Providing career opportunities for good people.

We are about Helping you with International Trade!

We have assisted ports who wished to go green, implementing recapture at Nelson, Wellington and Mount Maunganui. Genera specialise in environmentally friendly biosecurity solutions such as heat treatment.

Our green achievements include:
‌Pioneering in-transit, low-dose phosphine fumigation of export logs to China in 2001, saving use of thousands of tonnes of methyl bromide.

‌Researching and pioneering insecticide thermo fogging of lumber exported to Australia during the Arhopalus season, eliminating the need to fumigate with methyl bromide.

‌Implementing BioVapor heat treatment at Auckland and other locations, providing a chemical free phytosanitary treatment for risk goods.

‌Recapture of all methyl bromide gas used at the Port of Nelson since 2007.

‌Recapture of methyl bromide gas used on port at CentrePort from 2014.

‌Development and operationalisation of, world leading system for recapture and destruction of alkyl halide fumigants.

Genera has proudly sponsored pest control for 50 hectares on SIRCET’s Sponsor-a-Hectare programme for the Stewart Island / Rakiura Community Environment Trust (SIRCET).

Comprehensive Treatment Options

From our International head office near the beach at sunny Mount Maunganui we support our New Zealand divisions located at Tauranga, Marsden Point, Auckland, Nelson, Wellington and Napier, our Australian operations are in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, West Australia, and also our joint venture partnerships in New Caledonia, Fiji and Thailand.

As recognised world leaders in the field of biosecurity and bulk produce fumigation we will travel to anywhere in the world to advise and provide biosecurity treatments to meet the import health standards of quarantine authorities of any country.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of treatments options and advise on the best solution to meet your needs. We unashamedly seek out the best solution for the most competitive price. Our international presence gives us access to the best technology anywhere and if we cannot find the best way, we will do our best to invent it.