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Who Are We?

Genera is a wholly Australasian owned company specialising in the provision of biosecurity treatments, pest control and fumigation. Genera operates in ALL Australian States.

Established as a family business in 1975, Genera is still 100% family owned, providing services from bases in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia and Thailand. We also travel throughout the world providing expert advice and biosecurity solutions wherever our expertise is needed.

Genera are recognised internationally as leaders in provision of phytosanitary treatment and we take pride being able to provide solutions that exceed best practice and set new boundaries for what is achievable. Our research and development department is currently working on fumigant recapture systems that allow use of methyl bromide and other fumigants in situations where they would normally be not permitted or severely restricted.

Wherever, whenever you need us, we will be there for you.

Robbie Ramlose

Genera Australia Manager

Services Provided

Bulk product fumigation

Export/ import lumber and grain fumigated or insecticide treated to meet all biosecurity requirements.

Container fumigation

Genera offers a wide range of option for container fumigation.

Treatments include:

Import/export to DAFF/AQIS Standards.

Fumigation with methyl bromide, phosphine, ethyl formate, bluefume.

Recapture of fumigants from container fumigations.

In Transit Fumigation

Genera offers a variety of services for the in transit fumigation of grain from Australia to a range of international destinations.

Bulk stored product fumigation

Fumigation of stored product using metal phosphides or VaporPH3os, either in silos or under fumigation sheets, in facilities that allow fumigation with or without recirculation.

Fruit and Produce Fumigation

Fumigation of fruit to meet import or exporting phytosanitary requirements, using methyl bromide or VaporPH3os.

 Woodchip Fumigation

Genera offers services in fumigation or insecticide treatment of woodchip in hold to meet client/customer requirements

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