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Health and Safety

The Genera Commitment to Safety

We work in a challenging environment where heavy machinery operates 24 hours per day. We handle very toxic chemicals every day and a range of workers from other PCBUS share our workspace as we share theirs. The hazards associated with our and their workplace are real and ever present. We understand safety, we understand the risk to personnel. We understand the business and reputational risk that poor safety practices create. Keeping everyone safe is very challenging, it is a challenge that we take seriously as we care about our workers, we care about your workers, we care about public safety and we care about our and your reputation.

A healthy safety culture is fundamental to a healthy business culture. We get that!

We have systems and training in place to ensure that we are equipped to operate safely, we conduct our own audits, we engage external auditors and we welcome third party audits from our customers and from Worksafe.

Our health and safety team are led by Risk Manager Nigel MacKenzie who holds a master’s degree in Engineering Safety and has worked in some challenging industries including undersea tunnelling and nuclear power. To say that Nigel understands risk is an understatement. At the executive level, Compliance Manager David Baker also provided input into our safety. David holds a forestry degree with honours and NZQA qualifications in occupational safety.

We have a specialist team of health and safety advisers, more importantly at Genera safety is everyone’s responsibility, from the Board of Directors to all of the staff.