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Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Team

Over the last four years Genera has been evolving into a safe and healthy working company, covering New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.  The H&S Team consists of Rachel, Val and Ma.

Val runs the H&S Administration ensuring the company remains compliant with all documentation as well as being hands on support to all regions.  Being from a healthcare background, Val is well versed and qualified in the wellbeing of others which is proving to be advantageous in this industry.

Ma is the H&S Training and Safety Officer; being a qualified technician makes her perfect for this role having had the practical experience that is so important for her to ensure that workers are not only trained but competent to do the task at hand.

Genera have an excellent, dedicated H&S Team, and along with Management within the company, together they have been striving to be a company that takes the health and safety of their workers and other people on or near their work sites very seriously.

The nature of Genera’s business operations requires a strict compliance with health and safety processes.  All workers and Managers have worked diligently with the H&S Team to put systems and training in place to become the best practitioners possible where health and safety of all persons who work for or who are affected by Genera’s operations are kept as safe as possible.

Genera prides itself in its commitment to workers health and safety, and this ongoing commitment will be carried out and managed by the H&S Team and Management to ensure that this culture remains and that all workers are safe within all areas of our organisation.

Genera values all its workers both in the office and operations and strives to ensure the safety and wellbeing of them all.