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Research & Development

‘Striving for Economic and Environmental Sustainability’

Innovation is Our Path to the Future

Genera has a solid history of innovation, Kiwi businesses have a reputation for innovation, and Genera is proud of the contribution we make to support that reputation.

Existing techniques may be good enough to get the job done. However, we hold dearly to the idea that investment in finding a better way is worthwhile. Genera continues to strive for better ways of doing things. Our team of environmental research scientists and technical staff are part of our quest for better solutions.

We have a team of research scientists driving research and developing new techniques and processes to reduce emissions of fumigant gases. Their research is backed up by our capable environmental monitoring and fumigant recapture technicians.

Methyl Bromide is a naturally occurring compound that is produced and emitted by marine microorganisms. Industrial Methyl Bromide made from bromine sourced from the sea is a contributor to depletion of the ozone layer. To recapture Methyl Bromide, break it down and safely discharge the bromine salts back into the ocean is the goal of our research team.

Research Lab Capabilities

Our research lab capabilities include workshops where scrubbers from bench to commercial scale are designed and built. Additionally, Genera owns a portable analytical laboratory where trials and quantitative analysis can be undertaken safely and precisely, as well as a compact portable laboratory where Gas Liquid Chromatograph (GLC) can be quickly deployed for accurate and instantaneous real-time field analysis.

Development of gas-liquid fumigant scrubbing is a major research focus for Genera. The gas-liquid scrubbers we have developed for recapturing alkyl halide fumigants represent world leading technology. The optimisation of wet scrubber efficiency a high priority for Genera researchers.